Arrow Builder API Development with Cloud9

The Arrow Builder API development flow is to develop, run and test your APIs on your local machine using your favorite text editor and the command line. When your API is ready for deployment, you then publish your Arrow project to the Appcelerator cloud (Public, VPC or on-prem). Cloud9 combines a powerful online code editor […]

Arrow Composite Model POST

Currently in Arrow Builder, create (e.g. POST), is not supported for Composite models. However, using a pre-block we can support the POST (and UPDATE) request and implement any transaction logic required. Take an employee model: var Arrow = require(‘arrow’); var Model = Arrow.createModel(’employee’, { fields: { fname: { type: String }, lname: { type: String […]

ArrowDB Mock Data and Data Import

So you’ve created your Arrow Builder project and created ArrowDB models. Arrow has automatically created all your APIs and even documented them for you. Maybe this is a mock API or maybe it’s your production API. Now, how do you get data into your Arrow Database? This blog post describes a method for populating your […]

Using an Arrow API Mockup to Remove Development Bottlenecks

Your mobile app developers are starting a project and need access to an API. However, you’re not ready to develop the API. Perhaps the backend data source is not deployed yet or your API development team is tied up with other projects. You also would like to avoid too much rework, so whatever you create […]

Arrow Builder Performance Monitoring with New Relic

Appcelerator provides a number of capabilities for monitoring your Arrow applications. These are accessible from the Dashboard and documented here. However, what if you want more detailed monitoring and alerting? Well, there are various APM (Application Performance Monitoring) solutions on the market which specialize in this area. One such solution is New Relic. This blog […]

Arrow Builder Custom Fields

In prior blog posts and videos we discussed how to use Arrow Builder to create payload-optimized models & APIs and composite models & APIs (data aggregation) from a backend data source without having to write code. In this blog post, we will look at custom fields and how to add and set them from the […]

Arrow Builder API Server Sizing using Load Testing

So, you’ve designed and tested your Arrow Builder Project (APIs) and are ready to publish it. What size container should you choose? Small, Medium, Large, XLarge? How many servers should you deploy? The answer depends on the complexity of the project as well as the load that will be placed on the APIs. For example, […]

Developer Tip: Managing the Android Soft Keyboard

The Android soft keyboard will display when an input field, such as textField, is in focus (e.g. a finger touch in the textField is sensed by the device). Normally, this is the behavior we want. However, what if the first screen of your app is a login screen? Then we may not want the keyboard […]


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