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American Woodmark


American Woodmark’s Quality-Focused Mobile Strategy

Their FieldTrac app plus an easy-to-use barcode solution give employees around the country what they need to track and report on products from the palm of the hand.



How AmWINS Brings Mobile Agility to Auto Insurance

AmWINS implemented a trio of apps - both internal and external - utilizing geofencing, Touch ID, GPS and network location to incentivize employees, increase efficiency, and improve customer experience.



How AmerisourceBergen Built its Mobile App Strategy

Under a comprehensive mobile strategy guided by a Mobile Center of Excellence, the company is challenging “business as usual” and demonstrating how mobile technology, when understood and applied strategically, can keep an organization at the top of their field.


Government & Non-Profit

Blackbaud Helps Nonprofits Use Mobile to do More Good

Blackbaud deployed the Axway Appcelerator Mobile solution to create a suite of new apps. Developers were able to use existing skills to immediately begin delivering results.

Body Shop

Consumer Goods & Services

The Body Shop’s Fresh Take on Lasting Customer Relationships

The Body Shop coupled a deeper insight into customer preferences with time- & location-based notifications to provide the right offer to the right person at the right time for more personalized interactions.



Bracket takes clinical trials mobile with Appcelerator

Appcelerator’s platform allowed Bracket to securely manage the entire lifecycle in a unified solution rather than having to integrate a host of tools for dev, test, and mobile analytics.



Bradesco and Tagme: Building Loyalty with Dining Experiences

Bradesco cardholders can glance at their app as they walk down the street to see participating nearby restaurants and tailored promotions. The app works with 225 restaurants in Brazil and reached 20,000 users in the first three months.

CBC Media

Media & Communications

From Flip Phones to the Future: A Look at CBC’s Mobile Success

After in-sourcing mobile development, Capitol Broadcasting Company’s mobile footprint expanded to include a wide variety of services—an event calendar, a high school sports app, and their leading news app—to serve the local community’s diverse interests and to increase its market share.


Tranportation & Logistics

Cintas Powers the Uniform Rental Business with Mobility

Cintas’ mobile strategy aims to put the power of SAP in the hand of its mobile employees, so customers receive the best possible experience.


Social Networking

DevRant Gives Developers a Social Network All Their Own

The social network for developers gives users what Facebook, Twitter, StackOverflow and other venues cannot: a forum to express how they really feel with others who can relate.

Family Dollar

Consumer Goods & Services

The Surprising Secret Behind Family Dollar’s Mobile Reinvention

What used to be a completely manual process, now takes seconds in an app, saving district managers hours of paperwork and data entry every week.

First Utility

Consumer Goods & Services

Using Mobile To Stand Out When Your Job Is To Keep the Lights On

With a team of four engineers, First Utility built an app that allows customers to manage accounts and visualize energy usage in detail.


Social Networking

How Appcelerator Increased Our Sign-up Rate 200 Percent

Forekast uncovered a large user base with a cross-platform offering and an iterative development approach.

Consumer Goods & Services delivers five-star experiences fast with the Appcelerator Platform selected Appcelerator for the lifecycle automation that allowed them to build and test apps faster with fewer resources.


Internet of Things

Farm to Mobile: Kakaxi Links Food to the Story Behind It

Kakaxi has paired a mobile app with a fully integrated farm monitoring device capable of delivering pertinent agriculture information and statistics directly to both farmers and consumers.



Pharmacies Go Mobile: A Q&A with mscripts’ Sanjeev Gautam

From refills to reminders to monitoring patient behavior, mscripts’ mobile apps give pharmacies a convenient tool to engage their patients via a direct and personal channel.

National Military Family Association

Government & Non-Profit

NMFA Goes Mobile to Help Families of Those Who Serve

National Military Families Association built an app, MyMilitaryLife, that is centered around “Life Paths” connecting military families with services and information based on major life events.


Social Networking

Born Mobile: PiniOn Uses Apps to Harness Consumer Insight

By tapping into PiniOn’s engaged consumer base, brands have quickly uncovered real-time, context-specific feedback in a way that wouldn’t be possible with face-to-face or traditional consumer research techniques.

Planys Mobile


Q&A: Planys Mobile on Creating Innovative Digital Solutions

The team at Planys works closely with customers across a host of industries — finance, sales, hospitality and beyond — to pair web and mobile interfaces, leveraging the strengths of each, to create robust multi-channel solutions.



Propelics’ 5 Steps to Adopting a Mobile-Centric IT Strategy

Propelics’ co-founder and partner – Eric Carlson – shares five steps he sees as vital for companies who are looking to adopt a more mobile-centric IT strategy.

Pulse CRM


How Mobile Innovation Helps Brazil’s Pulse CRM Compete

Pulse’s all-in-one solution covers everything from sales and trade planning to field execution and business analysis, allowing Pulse to meet the unique needs of local businesses and position itself as a player in the big-league enterprise software world.

Queens Library


5 Lessons from the World’s Most Tech-Savvy Library

NYC’s Queens Library has managed to not just “go mobile” but to rethink the way their entire industry operates and bridge the digital divide. Other businesses, nonprofits and even indie developers can learn from their mobile initiatives.

Safeguard Properties


Safeguard Drives Mobile Productivity

Working with Axway Appcelerator, Safeguard embarked on a transformative mobile program that’s yielded increases in both company productivity and customer satisfaction.


Internet of Things

Make it Rain: Q&A with Skydrop on Building Smart Home Apps

Skydrop provides customers with automated sprinkler systems that turn on and off based on the weather forecast. Learn more about how mobile technology fits into their product, why they’re using Axway Appcelerator and what the future holds for Skydrop and home automation in general.

Waste No Food

Social Good

Waste No Food Transforms Philanthropy with Mobile

Communication barriers have always existed between donors and charities, making it difficult for nonprofits to obtain timely help from those willing to provide it. Mobile technology proved to be a perfect solution for knocking these logistical barriers down.



Wikitude Helps Devs Bring AR to Life

Augmented Reality has evolved from a fun-to-tinker-with novelty to a solution offering tangible business and user experience benefits. Wikitude's SDK helps nearly 100,000 developers create AR apps.

Worthington Industries


Worthington Industries Moves Metal with Mobile App

Worthington Industries turned to mobile plus Agile development in its effort to ease paperwork headaches for its shipping and trucking operations.

Test No Button




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